Some of our innovative approaches to this are:

  1. All systems were developed in Visual Studio, current .NET 4.5 framework, using Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine

    This gives CodeSoft and its integrated systems an advantage over other companies using legacy or non-standard programming tools and database systems.  Our system was designed for the future and to minimize conversion and upgrade costs, not to mention all the neat, leading edge solutions available.

  2. CiteTrak, the management system, is WEB based and unique to each agency configuration
    All access points to the CodeSoft suite of programs go through CiteServ, be it CiteTrak or CiteIpay, the WEB payment interface.  There are no third party applications, remote desktops or additional server applications required.  Your link to your management system is through a web browser.  Each agency database is seperate.
  3. Unlimited user access, agency defined
    Why pay for each user with a need to access the system or wait for the processor to grant access to your data?  The CiteTrak system was designed to give you the power to configure the system based on your needs, not ours.  You can add and delete users at any time.  Each user is configurable from minimum password length, failed password attempts until system lockout, days until forced password changes and individual menu access for each user based on your user needs.
  1. WEB Payments your way
    We want you to realize the benefit of payments made over the WEB as soon as the transaction is approved.   CiteTrack allows each agency to obtain its own payment gateway and to establish its own convenience fees assessed to the violator, if any, based on both a per-citation flat fee and/or a percentage of the total payment.  Of course, we also maintain a payment gateway and are prepared to take payments on your behalf for less than industry standard pricing.