Secure Payments your way!

Single entry point for your agency through the CiteServ web access point.  Violators are not required to choose your agency from a list.
You set the convenience fee violators will be assessed through parameter entries in CiteTrak.
Choose to maintain a payment gateway for your agency:
  Fully configurable in CiteTrak by you.  High level encryption on all gateway fields.
  Set a convenience fee; flat per citation, percentage of balance, or flat and percentage.
  Payments are deposited directly to your agency account.
CodeSoft maintains WEB and POS gateways which are available for your use at less than industry standard transaction fees.
Use your artwork for your payment page.     Violators will know they have reached the correct payment site.

Administrative Review Request Form:
  Display or not with a mouse click in your CiteTrak parameters.
Creates a single batch for the day for next day review in CiteTrak with easy disposition entry.
  Automated response correspondence generation.
Pay by Citation or Plate and State.
  Violators can pay based on a single violation.
Plate entries select all plate / state open citations and display selected for payment to violator.
  Convenience fees, if any, are boldly displayed per citation and in total to the violator.
Citation Status inquiry available to the violator.