Windows 7 or Windows 8 tablet Citation Issuance that is cost effective and makes sense!

Give your issuing officers a fully functional issuing device not a scaled back single function device for less.
Start screen list all Officers, last issuing Officer selected, allowing for sharing of the device with multiple Officers.
Pull down lists for Beat, Agency, State, Make, Model, Color, and Violation (code and description) that are easy to read and select.
No more maintaining a separate violation table on the docking PC and the Management System.
Easy import from CiteTrak to tablet to update CiteIssue:
  Current violation schedule; fines, codes, descriptions and change dates.
  Current Scofflaw list based on your CiteTrak settings.
  All current Agency, Beat/Geo, Make, Model and Color tables.
Warning for boot or tow if issuing to a plate on the Scofflaw list.
Reprint or Void any of the ten most recent issuances with the tap of a stylus.
When the E-citation is created a PDF is also created:
  Exact copy of E-citation
  If image taken, image is included.
  PDF is transferred to CiteTrak when Officer exports issuances to CiteTrak and available for view or reproduction from the Citation Inquiry Screen.
Parameter Driven:
  Two digit prefix determined by you.
  Starting citation number determined by you.
  Print a 3" or a 4" citation based on your needs.
  Print citation with a picture or without.