Flexibility and power always available when you need it!

CiteTrak is a robust Parking Citation Management System using the latest .NET programming environment and the ASP.net 4.5 runtime environment.
Your data is isolated with your agency's own instance.  Your data is not comingled in a single database with multiple other agencies.
From the start, the data is protected through strong password requirements:
  Password changes are required after a selectable number of days.
  Minimum password lengths are selectable.
  User logons are also de-activated after a selectable number of logon failures.
Each logon is customizable through a user maintenance screen so that each user interface is narrowed to each user’s system requirements.
CiteTrak is fully documented.     Review the full on-line documentation.
Flexible Citation Entry methods:
  CiteIssue integrated Citation Issuance System.
Most other handheld issuing devices.
  Batch entry.

Payment processing:
  On-site cashiering (credit card acceptance) and batch payments.
CiteIpay integrated Web Payment System.
  Motor Vehicle return files.
  Batch processing.
Owner retrieval and processing:
  Your State Motor Vehicles.
Out of State retreivals for industry standard pricing.
  Batch entry.
Review Request and Response processing:
  On-line Review Request through CiteIpay, parameter selectable by agency.
Batch Request and Response processing.
  Response auto correspondence generation based on determination.
Report processing using Microsoft Reporting Services:
  Printed directly to a printer.
Saved as a PDF, Word or Excel file.
  Many reports can also be exported to a TSV for more reporting options, or custom notice templating.

  and much more...