Structured to fit your budget

CodeSoft software is not sold, agencies enter into a lease agreement based on system usage for each component.
  Monthly fee of ($300.00) or (25 cents per citation entered); whichever is greater, for the CiteTrak WEB basic system.
  Cashiering Credit Card transaction fees are the same as CiteIpay transaction fees (only applies to credit card transactions).
  There are no additional charges or user fees for use of the system.  All components are available to you.
  Monthly flat fee of $25.00 per month per installed system.
You purchase your own tablet and printer (check the hardware page for compatible components), minimizing your cost.

  If you use your payment gateway, CodeSoft charges $1.00 per citation paid.
If you choose to use our payment gateway, CodeSoft charges a 3% transaction fee added to the total amount selected for payment plus a $1.25 fee per citation selected.
Out of State Owner information.
  CodeSoft will obtain owner information for issuances to vehicles not from the agency state for a fee of $1.50 for each valid Registered Owner returned.
CodeSoft provides additional services on a transaction basis:
  Late Notice generation and mailings.
Citation entry.
  Payment entry.
  Correspondence generation and mailings.

  Pricing subject to change without prior written notice.